Andoni Luis Aduriz. Mugaritz

  • 2 min. read

andoniAlways running out of the kitchen, Andoni likes to explore and combine the best of different fields to create new approaches to gastronomy. He is head chef of Mugaritz, a 2-Michelin star restaurant in the Basque Country that is essentially a research environment to help break down the barriers to the way we perceive everyday things with an interdisciplinary relationship with food. He establishes connections between his cuisine and apparently unrelated worlds: medicine, science, botany, music, theatre, philosophy, anthropology, and many others. Andoni is especially interested in feeding the curiosity and the desire of others and that is why eating at Mugaritz is an experience scattered with stories, textures, flavours, games, memories, and more. Author of numerous books, such as Cocinar para vivir (Cook to live), with doctor Fernando Fombellida; Cocinar, Comer, Convivir (Cook, eat, live) with philosopher Daniel Innerarity; Clorofilia,with biologist Unai Ugalde.  Editor of Papeles de Cocina.

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