Exploring the empirical knowledge and conceptual understanding of aspects involved in sensoriality, through a dialogue between science and cooking.

Tasting the future: from virtual reality to food that levitates

How will tomorrow’s restaurants be like? How may new technologies change the way we relate to food? Adrian Cheok has a lot to say. Interested in the fusion between the real and virtual worlds, his work opens new possibilities as he develops an “augmented reality” where 3D printers for food, applications or gadgets share aromas and tastes through Internet. People…


What’s behind food pairing?

In the kitchen, we are comfortable when it comes to empirical evidence. For years we have been searching for answers through observation and experience. By touching, smelling, tasting… by confirming what our senses tell us, we have been solving some basic equations. But this path is too short, and we know it. The universe that surrounds us is too big…

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