Bernard Lahousse. Food Pairing

  • 2 min. read

Captura de pantalla 2016-06-05 a las 23.50.24Imagine your own virtual chef, one that is able to suggest new culinary creations, unique spice blends, cocktails, smoothies and much more. A virtual chef with superb taste, capable of generating exciting yet perfectly balanced flavour combinations like you’ve never tasted before. For Bernard Lahousse, a bio-engineer who focuses on the intersection between science and food, this is not a dream but a real possibility. Beyond consulting, he heads, a company with a unique approach to food tech that utilizes chemistry, physics and data science as a launching pad for the food of tomorrow. It has developed and currently operates one of the world’s largest ingredient and flavour databases. This unique, proprietary data is the basis of Foodpairing’s products and services. Bernard´s basic ingredient pairing algorithm, used by chefs and bartenders throughout the world, is capable of calculating surprising food and drink pairings. He is now working on more advanced algorithms capable of generating entirely new recipes from start to finish.

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