Andoni Luis Aduriz. Mugaritz

Always running out of the kitchen, Andoni likes to explore and combine the best of different fields to create new approaches to gastronomy. He is head chef of Mugaritz, a 2-Michelin star restaurant in the Basque Country that is essentially a research environment to help break down the barriers to the way we perceive everyday things with an interdisciplinary relationship with food. He establishes connections between…


Begoña Alfaro. Azti

Manager of Sensory & Consumer Sciences Laboratory at AZTI. PhD in Predictive Microbiology and Sensory Sciences by the Basque Country University. Master degree in Marketing by Faculty of Economics and Business Studies (UPV, 2000). Experience in Sensory and Consumer Research for Product Development. Her research has focused on the exploration of new methodologies to further understanding sensory and consumer perception….


Eneko Atxa. Azurmendi

Pushing boundaries. For Eneko Atxa, science has been a force of good to push us forward, and this is what he does as head chef of 3-Michelin star Azurmendi, in Larrabetzu named Most Sustainable Restaurant in the World 2014 by The World’s 50 Best Restaurant. He collaborates with the University of the Basque Country and with hospitals and R&D companies in the…


Matthieu Louis. Centre for Genomic Regulation

A physicist by training, Matthieu Louis works on modelling neural processes that underlie the representation of sensory signals and the control of behaviour in fruit flies. He leads the Sensory Systems and Behaviour group in the Systems Biology program of the Centre for Genomic Regulation (Spain). The Louis lab studies how odour tracking comes about in terms of neural circuit computation in the Drosophila melanogaster larva. A variety of experimental and…

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